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Lock Bumping

What is "bumping" a cylinder?

Q: What is Lock Bumping a Cylinder?

A: A special type of key called a "bump key" is used in conjunction with a hammer or similar object. By inserting the "bump key" into the key way and tapping the key head with the hammer it is possible to separate the top and bottom pins. Once the pins separate, the key is rotated and the lock can then be opened.

Q: How long has this technique been used?

A: As a part of their job function locksmiths and security professionals have known about and used this technique for many years. Operating within an industry code of ethics and true security professionals do not share such security knowledge with the public.

This procedure is now taught, discussed and demonstrated publicly on the internet by "hackers" outside of the security industry. This publicity has created security and safety concerns which security professionals are now working to overcome.

How Haven's Can Protect You With

The Rx2Plus System


Bump Resistant Locks - Havenís can add the Bump Rx2plus system to most commercial grade locks. This lock cylinder includes two special bump resistant pins, plus a special pick resistant pin greatly increasing the security of the lock against bumping. Also add our restricted X1 cylinder for protection against unwanted key duplication.



Medeco, Multilock, and Schlage Primus

Highest Quality Industry Bump Resistant Locks  - Havenís is a authorised Medeco, Multilock, and Schlage Primus dealer.  These locks provide the ultimate protection for your home or business. These locks are virtually pick, drill and bump proof.  Please call or visit us to find out which lock is right for your needs
Here is the result of a quick search on lock bumping.  We found everything we needed and more  to break into a house in 30 seconds.

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