Transponder and Remote Keys Cloning

When you clone a key, you clone the electronic portion of the key. For the non-electronic portion of the key, it gets code cut back to its original dimensions, making it equal to a factory fresh key. This method allows you to retain the original cut and groove curvature of the key, thereby extending the longevity of the key.

This process is superior to just copying a key, where a worn key is duplicated onto a new key, thereby giving you a copy of a worn key.

When you want to get a new car key, make sure its a clone key and code cut key. Please ask your local locksmith to see if they clone and code cut keys.


Mail us your Key to be Cloned

Send us your key and we will clone the electronic portion of your key, so you don't have to program it. For the cut portion of the key, we will cut it back to its original state as it where when it first was manufacturered. So send us your key and we will send you back a clone key cut to factory specifications.


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