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What are Biometric Locks?

Biometric technologies is not just a science fiction that only exist in movies. Today it serves as a reality as a new way to access control. Biometric technologies such as scanners that identifies people by their fingerprints or scanned their retinas or irises is available for general market consumers.


Traditional Access Control Vs Biometric Access Control

In a conventional access control system, users relied on things they either have or know. For example, the user either held an eletronic key card close to a reciever or punched in a PIN or password to gain access to a certain area. The disadvantage to this is that this approach can be easy to get around or manuvered. In addition, people may lose their key cards or PIN. Traditional access control system makes it easy for someone to obtain or steal a person's credentials and gain entry into areas where certain persons are not authorized.

The Biometric Access Control was developed to provide a solution to this disadvantage. Today the most widely distributed and prevalent biometic access control sytem is the fingerprint recognition system. With a Biometric system, you no longer carry a card or have to remember a PIN or password. All you need to gain access is to press your finger against a fingerprint scanner and it will compare your finger print to that stored in a database, once it matches the door will unlock.

This approach makes it difficult to get around or manuver, which provides solide security. Biometric technologyn isn't limited to fingfer print scanning, it also includes by hand geometry, iris, voice, and more.


Haven For Total Security, Inc - Installation and Maintenance

Need help with Installations or repairs of your Biometric Lock? Contact our Store Today! We have professionally trained and licensed security technicians to install or repair your Biometric Lock.

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